Healthy Catering Seattle


Did you know that poor diet is the second biggest cause of early death, with smoking as the biggest factor? In all likelihood, you were not aware of this or of other alarming facts like a large fraction of adults across the country today can be classified as obese and very few adults consume a good portion of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis.

At ThirdLeaf NW, we are striving to do our part towards changing the unhealthy, harmful food habits of people, so as to promote their overall welfare. We offer healthy catering services in the Seattle, WA area. Our company specializes in healthy office catering.

Organizations that want to bring about healthy behavioral changes in the workplace and office-goers who wish to practice healthy eating habits in their daily life are the ideal customers of our healthy catering options.

The healthy catering items for Seattle businesses include fruits and snacks that are:

  • Fresh
  • Very nutritious
  • Delicious

Office Catering Seattle


Are you wondering whether your focus while in the office should be on working or on eating? Without a doubt, it is the job and not food that should be on your mind!

However, eating right is not to be neglected. You spend almost one-third of your adult life at the work place. Every aspect of what you do there affects your life significantly.

Utilizing us for healthy office catering goes a long way in helping you stay fit.

In fact, our healthy catering options contribute not just to a better lifestyle but also to improved employee productivity. Opting for our healthy office catering in the Seattle area is sure to have you working with:

  • More energy and enthusiasm
  • Less anxiety or stress
  • Fewer sick days

Healthy Office Catering Seattle


We provide comprehensive healthy office catering services in the Seattle area. Businesses or employees can get in touch with us for:

  • Occasional healthy catering for office meetings
  • Catering for everyday healthy ‘anytime’ snacks

We pride ourselves as a service-oriented, customer-friendly business. The key objective with which we founded the healthy office catering company in 2009 was to make sure that people do not have to miss out on a nutritional diet just because they are at work. We continue to achieve that goal through hand delivery of premium-quality healthy food at an affordable price.

Call ThirdLeaf NW at (206) 682-1268 to learn more about healthy catering options in the Seattle area.