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Apple season varies by flavor

Apple season varies for sweeter apples

We’ve moved into the heart of apple season here in Washington. It’s the best time of year for apple variety because of the fresh crop that has been most recently harvested. Most apples are available throughout the year but their sugar content often dictates how long an individual cultivar’s season may be. Apple season is…

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Love ThirdLeaf NW? It pays to leave a review

Leave us a review!

Calling all local guides! ThirdLeaf NW is an industry leader in delivering healthy snacks and fresh fruits to companies around Washington. You may already know this, but not everyone does. Our clients tell us often how much they love our service and we thought it would be nice to give back to our customers. We…

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Healthy snacks can improve your wellness, life

Healthy snacks

We’re all about our fruit here at ThirdLeaf NW. Even after it’s no longer fruit we can find a use for it. What do we mean? Well, the best and most familiar example of this is raisins! Raisins pack a healthy punch and as far as healthy snacks go, they’re perfect for even the busiest…

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Winter fruit arriving, lead by satsumas

Satsumas are hardy winter fruit

Winter brings unique challenges to fruit and vegetables. The frost and cold can bring an early death to crops. Some produce, though is able to thrive and come into season in winter’s doldrums. At ThirdLeaf NW, we make sure that all our fruit not only survive the winter but is meant to be winter fruit….

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Cosmic Crisp apples headed for Seattle

Cosmic Crisps are ready to come to Seattle

New fruit excites us at ThirdLeaf NW. For about a year now, we’ve heard rumor and innuendo about a new variety storming its way to shelves from the Yakima Basin. Those rumors are finally coming to fruition as the Cosmic Crisp becomes available for sale on Dec. 1, 2019. After that, the apples in Seattle…

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How do we get fresh fruit year round?

Fresh fruit gets picked daily

Why do we select citrus and pears in the winter but not peaches and cherries? Why is the inverse also true? That’s because ThirdLeaf NW flavor tests all the fresh fruit going out for delivery. Our constantly rotating offerings make it so only the freshest and most seasonal fruits make it out to our clients….

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Holiday gift delivery now available from ThirdLeaf NW

Our holiday baskets are ready to roll!

The holidays can be a time of consternation for gift givers. It’s even harder when buying gifts for an entire company rather than an individual. Stuck on what to do? ThirdLeaf NW can help with our holiday gift delivery! It happens all too often. Well-meaning gift baskets get left at reception and after a couple…

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Citrus season signals the start of winter

It's almost time to get citrus delivered

Citrus season has arrived! Throughout the area, our clients are receiving the first deliveries of blood oranges and Murcott oranges. The orange season got off to a rough start according to the California citrus sector. However, the fruit is rounding into shape as it gets sent out to distributors. ThirdLeaf NW prides itself on delivering…

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ThirdLeaf NW provides office catering all over Seattle

ThirdLeaf NW frequently looks for new products and services to bring to our clients. We feel that’s something that sets us apart. Among the myriad things we do for our customers and clients is office catering! All around the Seattle area, companies are proud of their wellness initiatives and healthy choices and we love being…

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Why lunch is important to good employees

Workers feel better after eating lunch

We’re looking at lunch again! You may remember the last time we discussed taking time for lunch and why it’s so important to your physical wellness. But this time, we’re going to look at why your mind needs lunch. The facts about lunch Are you one of the five people in the United States who…

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