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How can healthy snacks help your wellness?

Healthy snacks

Have you added healthy snacks to your daily repertoire in the “battle of the bulge?” Whether you’re intermittently fasting, cutting out sweets or completely changing your dietary habits, you should consider what you’re eating and when. Snacking has measurable effects on your overall wellness. Humans experience a drop in blood sugar somewhere between three and…

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Vitamin C: More than just citrus

Vitamin C

With the recent outbreak on everyone’s mind, people around Seattle are doing what they can to bolster their immune system. Of course it’s important to cover your cough and wash your hands but you can help your body fight off any potential infection or malady by tweaking your diet just a little bit. It’s important…

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ThirdLeaf NW is proudly a women owned business

women owned business

The West Coast; and Seattle in particular, has always been an area of discovery and entrepreneurship. Recently, Seattle Business Magazine looked into the relative explosion of women owned businesses around Seattle. Not only are businesses sprouting up more frequently, but they’re sticking around longer too. According to a study by personal finance firm SmartAsset, Seattle…

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So how is the Cosmic Crisp anyway?

Cosmic crisp taste

By now, you’ve certainly become aware of the buzz surrounding the Cosmic Crisp. I hadn’t heard of an apple being such a point of contention before, but after the courts got involved and pushed public release back, they finally landed in Seattle. We waited so long for the Cosmic Crisp apples to finally come over…

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Summer fruit delivery in January

Fruit delivery in seattle

Fruit Delivery Seattle     ThirdLeaf NW prides itself on getting the finest and freshest seasonal fruit delivery service to our Seattle area clients. Whether it’s through taste testing or hand-picking, we make sure the fruit our clients have delivered is of the highest quality. We often catalog where in the harvest calendar we are…

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Thirdleaf Snacks have your back

Thirdleaf Snacks wellness box

ThirdLeaf NW takes pride in the food we deliver to our clients. Many are aware that we have hand-selected, flavor-tested fruit. That’s most likely why you’re reading this right now. However, some don’t know that the snacks we deliver in our wellness boxes face an equally as stringent process to become ThirdLeaf NW snacks. ThirdLeaf…

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How to select fresh fruit

Fresh fruit can be hard to pick

How do you know when a fruit is ripe? Many people are interested in eating more healthily in January. Whether it be a resolution or a lifestyle change, an easy way to achieve that is to add more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet. Fresh fruit; when ripe, can add color and flavor to…

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Fruit facts for fruit fans

Get your fruit facts in order

Remember Johnny Appleseed? If you don’t he famously planted apple trees around the East Coast and became known as the father of apples. However, the image of a man ambling through the country sticking his thumb in the ground isn’t exactly accurate. That’s what this week’s blog is all about, fun fruit facts to make…

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How to add fruit to your New Year’s wellness resolutions

Are your New Year's wellness resolutions ready?

It’s the home stretch of 2019! For many around the Pacific Northwest and the country, New Year’s wellness resolutions aren’t far from their minds. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners can add a few pounds just as easily as eating another slice of pie, but with a new year comes new beginnings. Get your New Year’s wellness…

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Apple season varies by flavor

Apple season varies for sweeter apples

We’ve moved into the heart of apple season here in Washington. It’s the best time of year for apple variety because of the fresh crop that has been most recently harvested. Most apples are available throughout the year but their sugar content often dictates how long an individual cultivar’s season may be. Apple season is…

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