Healthy Catering Everett


It is no secret that people feel happy and energetic when they are healthy. Actually, good health is critical to stress-free, productive, and content daily living. The pressures of a hectic professional and personal life, however, tend to make adults overlook this basic fact. They develop very unhealthy lifestyle habits and diet choices while focusing all their attention to building a career and making money.

ThirdLeaf NW is happy to note a growing awareness of the contribution of healthy office catering to a cheerful and prolific work place. We are happy to promote this by providing healthy office catering services in Everett, WA and its surrounding areas.

We offer wonderful healthy catering options to companies that are interested in supporting the wellbeing of their employees. Our healthy catering services in the Everett area can be hired for:

  • Team meetings
  • Office lunch
  • Stocking the snack area in the break room

Office Catering Everett


Encouraging the good health of your staff through healthy office catering can go a long way in attracting and retaining the finest talent. For a surprisingly low cost, your company can reap amazing benefits such as boosting the morale of your employees and inspiring a feeling of loyalty towards their employer.

After its inception in 2009, our healthy catering company has helped numerous organizations improve workplace wellness. We are eager to extend our healthy office catering service to your Everett company to help it do the same.

You can count on us for exciting healthy catering ideas. We offer:

  • Selection of tasty healthy snacks and seasonal fruit
  • Option of organic and conventional fruit
  • Several plans to suit different needs and budgets

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our healthy food catering options.

Healthy Office Catering Everett


It is our mission to encourage more and more people to make nutritious eating choices. That is why the focus of our healthy office catering services in the Everett area is not just top-grade fruit and snack selection, but also delivering an extremely pleasant customer experience.

We look to make a positive impact on employee wellbeing through superior healthy office catering service. We strive to optimize our success in this area through customer-friendly features like:

  • Offer of free trial delivery
  • No hassle of long-term contracts
  • Hand delivery of orders, directly stocked in a designated space
  • Fair, affordable prices

Need delicious food that fuels office performance? Check out the healthy catering options for Everett companies offered by ThirdLeaf NW. Call (206) 682-1268.