Fruit Delivery Bellevue


There is no denying the fact that eating fresh fruits should be a part of your daily routine. However, due to erratic and hectic work schedules, this important part of the routine gets missed. Now you can provide your employees with a fruit box right in the office, emphasizing health at the workplace.

Get in touch with ThirdLeaf NW for efficient and timely fresh fruit delivery in Bellevue, WA. We are an established food delivery company. Our mission is to provide fresh fruit delivery to offices enabling office goers to get:

  • Colorful and healthy fruits
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Fresh fruit

Getting healthy fresh fruits in the office is a benefit for employees as it is often not possible for them to include healthy fruits and snacks in their diet otherwise.

Fruit Box Bellevue


As a fresh fruit delivery vendor, we not only deliver fruits, but also a healthier option to keep your hunger pangs at bay. Untimely eating of unhealthy snacks is the biggest cause of obesity. Most office goers do not want to include snacks in their diet, but the unavailability of healthier options is a hindrance.

Rely on us for delivering a customized fruit box in Bellevue. We include in our fruit box seasonal fruits so that you get the taste of these fruits when they are freshly available. Call for our fruit box delivery in Bellevue to ensure:

  • Wellness in office
  • Healthy snacking
  • Overall happy employees

We deliver the fruits and meals customized to your taste and budget. We fix delivery schedules that are convenient for you.

Fresh Fruit Delivery Bellevue


With a dedicated fresh fruit delivery company, you can improve the overall wellness in your office. This will bring you accolades not only from the employees, but their families as well. Healthy snacking is what all office goers seek, but there are almost no companies that promise high quality fresh fruit box deliveries to offices.

Count on us for timely and efficient fresh fruit delivery in Bellevue. Some reasons why we are the preferred snacking partners of most offices now are as follows:

  • Free trials offered
  • No contracts to be bound to
  • Fresh and healthy fruits delivered

Get in touch with us to learn how fruit box and meal delivery works. You can even opt for our trial boxes to ensure that you are getting the best.

Call ThirdLeaf NW at (206) 682-1268 for efficient delivery of a fruit box in your Bellevue office.