Fruit Delivery Lynnwood


In the present fast paced life, many Lynnwood office goers depend on fast food snacks to curb their hunger pangs during office hours. They rarely get the time to eat healthy meals including fruits and vegetables. If you care for the health of your employees, you can get fresh fruit delivered straight to your Lynnwood office.

Get in touch with Third Leaf NW for efficient fresh fruit delivery in Lynnwood, WA. We have come up with the idea to have fresh fruit delivered to all offices across the state that want their employees to be healthy and productive. Rely on us in Lynnwood for fruit delivery of fresh fruits that are:

  • Customized for your office
  • Tasty snacks
  • Fresh and seasonal
  • Nutritious and delicious

We have office fruit delivered by our team of trained delivery personnel that ensure that the fruits are delivered in good condition and on time. Call Third Leaf NW at (206) 682-1268 when you need fruit delivery in Lynnwood.

Office Fruit Delivered Lynnwood


Getting office fruit delivered is beneficial not only for your employees, but for your Lynnwood business as well. When your employees are happy and healthy, it means fewer sick days and better work productivity.

Rely on us in Lynnwood for having office fruit delivered, as we are the resource for several offices in your area. Choosing us for Lynnwood office fruit delivery gives you the following benefits:

  • No long term contracts
  • Fruits delivered and stocked
  • Hand delivered fresh fruit
  • Multiple choices of fruit boxes

We can schedule delivery of the fresh fruit boxes suitable for your office and stock them for you in the designated area. Therefore, you have fruits available for your employees without any hassles. Call Third Leaf NW at (206) 682-1268 when you need office fruit delivered in Lynnwood.

Fresh Fruit Lynnwood


There are few healthier snacks than fresh fruits. Having your Lynnwood refrigerators stocked with fruit is a good way to develop the culture of having fresh fruit whenever any employee feels hungry.

Count on us when you require fresh fruit delivered in Lynnwood. We are considered one of the leading companies offering fruit delivery services in Lynnwood for the following reasons:

  • Offer multiple fruit box choices
  • Custom delivery schedule
  • Deliver seasonal and organic fruits
  • Competitive fruit delivery pricing

Make the right decision to provide a healthy snacking option for your Lynnwood employees. Call for information about our fruit delivery packages and see higher productivity levels from everyone. Call Third Leaf NW at (206) 682-1268 for office fruit delivered in Lynnwood. We are your fresh fruit resource in the Lynnwood area.