The Best Fruits to Pair With Wine

European summer is so close we can taste it! If you’re not going to Europe this summer, bring the good food and drinks to your home. Maybe you’re visiting a local vineyard in Washington and looking for the best wines to pair with fruit! With summer on the horizon, let’s discuss some of the best fruit pairings for your charcuterie board and wine night with friends and family!

Riesling + Pineapple

Starting with one of our favorite tropical fruits for the summertime, pineapple pairs perfectly with a nice glass of Riesling. The slightly sweet and slightly tangy notes of a fruity Riesling are the perfect match for a pineapple’s similar tang and sweetness. The acidity in the wine matches that of the pineapple for this natural match!

Rosé + Watermelon

The quintessential summer fruit meets its match through color and taste! The dry rosé with a sweet and juicy watermelon is simply the best summer pairing. Perfect for an afternoon on the beach or a picnic with friends. There’s something for both the kids and the parents to enjoy!

Pinot Grigio + Pears

Now for a night in and the red wine fans, we suggest you add a few sliced pears to your charcuterie board. Some of our favorites are Bosc and Anjou, but feel free to decide on your favorite! Both the Pinot Grigio and the pears are mildly sweet and complement one another well. Add a soft cheese like camembert or gruyère, and you’re in for a treat!

Cabernet Sauvignon + Plums

It’s stone fruit season, and we suggest a few plums to go along with your glass of Cab! The rich flavor of the plum tastes excellent with the full-bodied red, so darker fruit flavors make the best pairing. So what are you waiting for? Grab some friends, cheese, and crackers for the best wine night ever!