Why We Love Washington State Wine

Did you know Washington State is home to over 1,000 wineries?! That’s a lot of grapes!

Yakima Valley alone is known as Wine Country and contains over 90 of the state’s wineries. That’s nearly a tenth of the state’s wineries located in one 70-mile stretch.

Many local wineries just kicked off the season with their spring barrel wine tastings at the end of April. It’s now officially the season for sitting outdoors and splitting a bottle with friends!

You can easily make a day or weekend out of visiting some local wineries! If you don’t feel like making a long trip, there are dozens of urban wineries right within Seattle.

You can also do a whole Craft Beverage Tour (including wine, beer, cider, and more) with just a short drive to Yakima Valley Wine Country. Check out the list of craft wineries, breweries, and distilleries in the valley here!

If you can’t make it out to a winery soon, you can enjoy the taste of spring wine from the comfort of home too! Maybe even try your hand at a charcuterie board to accompany your wine.

For you fruit lovers out there (our people!), don’t forget to add some fresh flavors to your snack boards. Many fruits pair great with wine and cheese, especially apples! You can also find fun, fruit-forward wines like cherry and blueberry.\

Check out some fast fun facts about Washington wine:

  • WA state is the second largest producer of wine in the US.
  • The 1,000+ wineries produce over 17 million cases of wine in a year.
  • WA also grows the wine grapes locally with over 400 growers.
  • On average, the state gets 4 new wineries every month.

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