Perfect Pear Recipes for November

How is it already November? The holiday season is slowly but surely creeping up on us, which can be a fun yet stressful time of year. As we enter a new month, we are also celebrating a new fruit of the month: pears! In honor of pears being November’s fruit of the month, here are a few fun pear recipes for you to try around the holiday season!

Spiced Pear Old-Fashioned

First, you need a drink. Spice things up with this clever take on a classic cocktail. Use your go-to old-fashioned recipe and add rosemary, cardamom bitters, and a splash of maple syrup. Garnish with a pear slice and you’re ready to go!

Autumn Pear Salad

Need an extra side for your dinner party? This autumn pear salad has your back! Thinly slice your favorite pear variety and place atop a bed of greens with walnuts, parmesan, balsamic vinaigrette and voila! It is sure to be a crowd pleaser with limited cleanup for the host.

Baked Pears

Looking for a sweet and easy treat? Look no further! Simply half your pear and remove the core, then sprinkle it with butter, sugar, cream, and whatever else your heart desires. Stick them in the oven and you have the most amazing baked pears! It doesn’t get simpler than popping pears in an oven.

Pear Crisp

You’ve heard of an apple crisp, but what about a pear crisp? This oat mix with freshly sliced pears and ginger might just be your new favorite fall dessert. Crisps are not as time-consuming and delicate as a pie or cake, so if presentation is not your thing, you must try this pear crisp recipe.