Where can you find the world’s rarest apple?

A rare apple seems like a paradox in Washington state. Thanks to the east side of the state, we have access to a wide variety of fresh apples almost all the time.

With this said, Ian Sturrock toured Bardsey Island off of the coast of Wales back in 2000 and made a truly unique discovery. What he found was the Bardsey apple which scientists named for the island where it was found. Despite their citrus-heavy scent, Bardseys are sweet and juicy and light skinned.

Sturrock says he was only looking for apples to help trap birds and was unaware of what he had found until he spoke to Morgan.

“I didn’t realise the significance of the find until I took it to Brogdale. Dr Joan Morgan said it is the rarest apple tree in the world.”

According to Dr. Joan Morgan, it was the only known tree of its kind alive today. Scientists believe that monks living on the island in the 13th century cultivated the tree for food. Another astonishing find with the fruit is that both the tree and the apple are free of disease, certainly factoring into a nearly 1,000-year life span.

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