What is a Champagne mango?

Spring is so close we can taste it! This week, we’re bringing you Champagne mangoes to give you just a hint of sunshine and warmth, even if we can’t control the weather. As much as we love tropical fruit, doesn’t it seem odd that this mango variety is in season in March? Let’s dive into what you need to know about this fun and exotic fruit.

Peak mango season is typically May-September, but the Champagne mango walks its own path. This mango variety is in season from February to July, so we are taking full advantage of this sweet and delicious fruit!

Champagne mangoes are smaller than an average mango and notoriously sweeter. Unlike a normal mango, Champagne mangoes are much smoother and have fewer of those fibers that always get stuck in your teeth. Just one of these mangos has over 20 different vitamins and minerals while also counting for half of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C.

This organic fruit is grown 100% pure, the way nature intended a mango to be! Champagne mangoes are indigenous to Mexico where they were first cultivated in volcanic ash soil.

If you’re looking to sweeten a dish or a dessert, the Champagne mango will be your new secret ingredient. Champagne mangoes make the perfect addition to any recipe, whether cooking up a fresh mango salsa or even crafting a mango margarita, these mangoes are your new best friend!

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