Time for Spring Cleaning!

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year (maybe?)! If you’re like us, you have a love-hate relationship with spring cleaning. However, with the ThirdLeaf NW warehouse move, spring cleaning is in full swing at the office and at home. Here are some tips and tricks for getting a head start on your spring cleaning chores.

Move everything – and we mean EVERYTHING

This is the time of year to get all those pesky dust bunnies that somehow respawn every week. It’s time to deep clean the carpet, move the couches and chairs, and get into every nook and cranny for a real spring cleaning. No dust bunny is safe!

Go through the pantry and refrigerator

Not only is this a time for deep cleaning, but also getting rid of those expired muffin boxes that you swore you were going to try in the back of your pantry. This also goes for any leftovers you may have in the fridge. Throw. Them. Out. Make sure to check the expiration for everything. Maybe this will be a lesson for the future when you are considering a new grocery product, or maybe not.

Donate your clothes!

Don’t forget to clean out your closet too! This is the time to go through your clothes and figure out which ones you are actually going to wear or not. Pro tip: if you didn’t wear it at all in the last year, it’s probably time to say goodbye. However, it’s so rewarding to know your clothes are being repurposed and going to a place where they will be used!

As you start your spring cleaning venture, make a list of your goals and prioritize them to ensure everything will get done in a timely manner. Never too late to start!

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