Thirdleaf Snacks have your back

ThirdLeaf NW takes pride in the food we deliver to our clients. Many are aware that we have hand-selected, flavor-tested fruit. That’s most likely why you’re reading this right now. However, some don’t know that the snacks we deliver in our wellness boxes face an equally as stringent process to become ThirdLeaf NW snacks.

ThirdLeaf NW snacks have variety

Eating the same thing everyday becomes monotonous. If you’re trying to stay on the path of healthy snacks, having the same kind of protein bar every day can lead to food boredom. If you’re bored with your snacks, it’s a lot easier to stray from that path in search of something with a different taste.

Fortunately, our wellness boxes are well-stocked with a wide variety of sweet and savory snacks. We make sure that each box has a good mixture of each to prevent healthy snackers from heading for the vending machine. We frequently stock quality name brands like Robert’s Ferry Nuts Co., Clif, and Stacy’s just to name a few.

Also, when the holiday season comes around we feature special flavors in our wellness boxes like egg nog almonds and pumpkin spice bars.

Our wellness boxes are healthy

Rather than dabbling in fried chips and sugary candy bars, Thirdleaf’s Wellness boxes feature a variety of snack alternates. Rather than a name brand, we carry Paqui brand chips which are famous for having the world’s hottest chip. Don’t worry, we don’t stock those. Just the delicious Nacho flavor and Salsa Verde flavor.

It’s more than different flavors though. Our wellness boxes have genuine alternatives like chickpea and black bean chips. They sound a little strange at first but certainly pack a bold flavor.

Again, we do what we can to provide a variety of options and flavors to even the most discerning dieter.

We’d love to come show you our service in person. If you think we can help you get your office’s snacking in order, get in contact for a free tasting!


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