Study: The key to happiness at work is free snacks

Free snacks at work help retain great employees, keep staff motivated and increase workplace satisfaction. Don’t believe me? See the real studies supporting these claims below.

The Pizza Study

“It is Monday morning. You have just arrived at work, and you get one of the following three emails, each promising a different reward if you get everything done that day: One says you’ll get a cash bonus. Another says your boss will give you a rare compliment. A third says you’ll get a voucher for free pizza. Which of these would motivate you to get the most done?”

Answer? Pizza.

In his upcoming book, Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations, Dan Ariely recounts an experiment involving employees at a semiconductor factory. Workers got one of the three messages listed above at the start of their workweek along with a control group who received no message. Output was then measured by number of computer chips assembled per day.

“After the first day, pizza proved to be the top motivator, increasing productivity by 6.7 percent over the control group, thereby just barely edging out the promise of a compliment (in the form of a text message from the boss that said “Well done!”). Those in the compliment condition increased their productivity by 6.6 percent as compared to the control group. But the worst motivator, much to the company’s surprise, was the cash bonus, which increased productivity by just 4.9 percent as compared to the control group.”

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Study: The key to happiness at work is free snacks

“While the majority, 56%, of full-time employees are “extremely” or “very” happy with their current job, that number jumps to 67% among those who have access to free food, the survey of more than 1,000 full-time office workers found. Though just 16% of employees said they get free snacks and treats at work.”

The top 5 most popular office snack items? Fresh local fruit, sparkling water, healthy bars and snacks, chilled coffee and tea beverages. Top offices are focused on healthy items first. As culture shifts, providing healthy items has become the #1 criteria employees want to see in their snacks. Click here for the full article. Go to for fresh fruit delivery to your office!

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