Pumpkins Aplenty!

Fall is in the air, and you know what that means? Pumpkins! Despite some controversy, pumpkins are in fact fruits since they start from a flower and bear seeds. And like most other fruits, there are different varieties of the pumpkin which have different uses throughout the autumn season! We’ll educate you on a few…

1. Connecticut Field Pumpkin

Starting with the basics, these are your classic carving pumpkins, also known as Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins. They are considered the original as they are one of the oldest pumpkin varieties. Field pumpkins are orange, smooth, slightly ribbed, and usually weigh about 15 to 20 pounds.

2. Pie Pumpkin

These somewhat smaller pumpkins are perfect for homemade pumpkin pie! They range from the size of a softball up to an overgrown watermelon. Pie pumpkins tend to have dark orange flesh, compared to carving pumpkins which have a pale orange interior. They are typically heavier than expected due to the thickness of the flesh.

3. Ghost Pumpkin

Yep, those white pumpkins you occasionally see at your local grocery store are naturally that color! The flesh of ghost pumpkins can also be used for baking purposes, but the stark white is also a great contrast for decorating against the classic orange. Ghost pumpkins themselves have many different varieties such as cotton candy, casper, and silver moon (and not to mention the cutest names).

4. Atlantic Giant Pumpkin

These are the prizewinning pumpkins you’ll find at the county fair. Atlantic Giant pumpkins can grow up to 500 pounds! They have bright orange skin and a somewhat rough texture. They look like something straight out of Halloweentown!

5. Long Island Cheese Pumpkin

Quite the name, but better than its scientific name, Cucurbita moschata. If you look at a picture, you’ll understand the nickname. These pale yellow-orange pumpkins resemble wheels of cheese! They are great for decorating and notably look well paired with some fall flowers.