Phase 2-approved catering options to keep essential staff fueled

Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the workplace.

While the new office normal may not include office parties, daily face-to-face meetings, or a shared coffee pot (we’ll let you decide which of those are pros and cons), it can still include a well-stocked kitchen.

Whether you have five employees in-house or fifty, we will create a customized snack/meal plan to fit your needs. Your fresh office eats are here to stay!

Our menu now includes options like grab-n-go meals, catered meeting snack boxes, and individual snack packs:

 Prepared meals offer a safe alternative to traditional catering that will reduce kitchen traffic and help maintain social distancing guidelines within the office.

Our wraps and salads require no preparation or heating. With eight meal varieties, we have something for everyone and every diet. They are designed to be easy, no-mess options that employees can enjoy at their desk.

Our Fruit + Snack Catering is a perfect option for meetings that don’t require full lunch. Provide meeting attendees with a piece of fresh fruit and 1-2 healthy snacks to boost morale and promote employee health.

Snack packs are pre-prepared, portable, and ready-to-enjoy. Employees can choose from two varieties– chicken salad and chef’s garden– packed with protein and fresh produce. They are perfect servings for a snack, a meal, or a meeting.

While we have many new options, our regular snack delivery service is not going anywhere! Your kitchens will still be stocked with the fresh fruit and healthy snacks you have come to love.

Read our COVID-19 response and our blog post How to safely restart ThirdLeaf NW snack service for more information about our increased safety measures.