How to safely restart ThirdLeaf NW snack service

A question on many people’s minds these days is, “How can we keep our employees safe and healthy when we return to the office?”

Keeping our clients and their staff healthy is our number one priority. That’s why we have new protocols and methods for safely restarting our delivery service.

1. Restart service as normal – Our delivery personnel will wear fresh face masks and gloves at all times while in your building. Our fruit and snack options are all single-serve.

2. Paper bakery tissues – We will stock single-use bakery tissues next to fruit displays so fruit can be handled with utmost safety.

3. Touchless delivery – Our drivers can deliver your snacks without entering the building. Deliveries can be left outside the door or wherever instructed.

4. Care packages – If you are not returning to the office yet, send your team members a customizable care package.

Eating well has never been more important, and we are dedicated to providing fresh office eats as safely as possible. Our COVID-19 response outlines our new safety measures with more depth.

We are ready and eager to serve you and your staff whenever you need us. We will always be here with a snack and a smile.