Let’s Talk Weather: How Sunlight Works in Your Favor

Seattle weather has been all over the place with major cold fronts and dry weather. One thing we know for certain is that there is light at the end of this tunnel. With the sun (finally) setting later than 5 p.m., there is hope for spring sooner rather than later! Though these winter months can seem brutally long, there are still ways to stay active and get fresh air.

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean there isn’t sunlight. You should take advantage of sunlight whenever possible. Besides providing your body with vitamin D, sunlight is known to increase your alertness, boost serotonin levels, and even support your sleeping habits. Sunlight is especially important in the morning to regulate your sleep pattern and circadian rhythm. Try to step outside for some fresh air as you drink your morning coffee or make sure you are waking up with the sun, not blackout curtains.

If it fits into your schedule, it is great to get outdoor time during the day. With the sun setting later, try taking a midday or late afternoon walk to step away from your computer and relax. Walking outside for even 15 minutes can boost serotonin and decrease feelings of depression. Taking walks can also have positive, long-term effects on your body such as lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart attacks.

Getting outside can seem tedious, especially with the dryer weather, but the moment the sun peeks through, it is best for your physical and mental health to get outside and breathe the fresh air!

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