How Healthy Eating Makes a Healthy Environment

“Eat healthy” is one of those phrases you hear constantly from medical professionals, teachers, advertisers, your partner, and the list goes on. Did you know, though, that eating a healthy diet not only benefits yourself but also the planet?

Plant-based foods require less water and energy to produce compared to artificial or processed foods. Plant-based foods include everything from fruits and vegetables to whole grains, beans, nuts, and more. These types of foods also have lower greenhouse gas emissions which have a negative effect on our atmosphere and environment overall. Conversely, animal-based foods produce the highest amount of greenhouse gasses compared to any type of food.

It’s eco-friendly and community-friendly when you buy from sustainable agriculture retailers. Sustainable agriculture uses 56% less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. This means buying from local produce retailers that don’t mass produce or genetically modify their products. 

So how can you eat a more plant-based diet? There are alternatives other than keeping yourself on a strict “lettuce” diet, don’t worry. One way to start is by eating less saturated fats which can be found in many dairy products such as butter, milk, or cheese (We know, it hurts). Another way is to alternate your choice of protein. Tofu and nuts are just two examples of protein-dense plant-based foods that can be prepared in very creative recipes. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover your new favorite food!