Four easy ways to stay active while working from home

This Thursday is National Work From Home Day and more people will be participating than ever before. While taking meetings on the couch and having the kitchen at your disposal all day may seem like major improvements at first, working from home can prove difficult to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

One of the best ways to reduce stress and care for your body is to get up and move. Exercise has been linked to cognitive benefits that will help you at work like improved concentration, memory, mental stamina, and creativity.

We know finding time to exercise is often easier said than done, and we want to help you. Here are our best tips for staying active throughout your home workday!

1. Walk and talk – Take your phone meetings on the go. Pop in some headphones and take a stroll around the block, the backyard, or even the living room. Get those steps in whenever you can!

2. Schedule it in – Got 15 minutes between meetings? Use them! There are countless ways to get your heart rate up in no time: walking, jogging, dancing, jumping jacks, burpees, and more. Using multiple small windows of time throughout your day will add up to make a big impact.

3. Desk friendly movement – If you constantly find yourself fidgeting during meetings, this one is for you. Some desk friendly movement suggestions include: neck rolls, shoulder rolls, arm circles, chair squats, desk pushups, and calf raises. The possibilities are endless!

4. Get active with the kids – If you’ve heard too many complaints of “I’m bored!” from your kids these days, use part of your lunch break to get everyone moving. Ride bikes, play catch, or have a dance party. Most importantly, enjoy spending time together.

At ThirdLeaf NW, we are committed to helping you live healthier. We hope these tips help you get up, get active, and feel better.

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