So how is the Cosmic Crisp anyway?

By now, you’ve certainly become aware of the buzz surrounding the Cosmic Crisp. I hadn’t heard of an apple being such a point of contention before, but after the courts got involved and pushed public release back, they finally landed in Seattle. We waited so long for the Cosmic Crisp apples to finally come over the Passes and make it to our warehouse.

Almost two decades ago, food scientists at Washington State University set out to create a durable, flavorful apple. They chose the Enterprise and Honeycrisp as the apples to hybrid and created the Cosmic Crisp. These apples get their name from the pattern of pores on the apples which can look like stars in the night sky, hence the cosmos.

Now that they’re here; and have been delivered to our clients, we’re starting to hear the same question. How are they?

The juice is loose

Simply put, the Cosmic Crisp is a good, hearty apple that tastes good and looks great. The first thing you’ll notice picking up a Cosmic Crisp is that it’s heavier than your typical apple. That’s because they’re hiding (not so well mind you) an inordinate amount of juice. If you take too big of a bite, you will almost certainly need to wipe your chin. One thing that sets these apples apart is how crunchy they are. You’ll notice from the first bite you take. Cosmics have a distinct, almost comical snap when you get into the flesh of the apple.

This is thanks to one of the Cosmic’s parent apples, the Enterprise. Enterprise apples have dark, thick skin which helps give the Cosmic Crisp it’s crunch and pop when you bite through the skin. The other parent to the Cosmic is a fan favorite, the Honeycrisp. As you may be aware Honeycrisp apples don’t have the same crunch that a Fuji or Gala will have but it does provide a unique flavor.

The flavor to savor

So this is the most important part as to whether an apple is good or not, right? How does it taste? Cosmics are unique in that they vary in flavor a bit between the Enterprise and the Honeycrisp. Some bites of the apple provide a flatter, more muted flavor but at other times, you’ll get the crisp zing of flavor that you didn’t expect.

Not only that, these apples are meant to last. We recommend you eat them as often and as soon as you can but if you have to wait, just know that these apples will hold up and remain fresh and good to eat for a long time. In a non-scientific study conducted by ThirdLeaf NW’s quality control, Cosmic Crisps held their flavor and freshness for nearly two weeks. Go get some!

We would love to bring some to your office to show you just how tasty these apples are. We can do that with a free tasting and show you everything we have to offer!