Welcome your staff back with a gift box

Slowly but surely, companies are reopening their doors and people are filing back into work. Regardless of what phase your office will be reopening under, you’re probably thinking the same thing. What can I do to welcome staff back to the building? These are unprecedented times for all of us but a welcome gift can do wonders for showing your workers that you have them high on your priority list.

What about a welcome back gift box?


Corporate gift box As you may have become aware, ThirdLeaf NW has dedicated itself to staying open and serving our community the best way possible. We’ve been able to do this with a swift response and stringent guidelines. You can review our official response to COVID-19 here.

Staying open has provided us with many challenges. It has also provided us the opportunity to launch several new items and product lines. One of our new product lines is our Welcome Back Box.

The box features one piece of fresh fruit and two individually-wrapped, healthy-minded snacks. We put those into the box with a welcome back note and can deliver them to your company for you to distribute to your staff.

What’s more is we can also include a locally-made cloth facemask (reversible and washable) and a bottle of hand sanitizer made by Heritage Distillery from Gig Harbor, WA.

Regardless of which option you choose, ThirdLeaf NW can be your guide to getting your staff back to work and reinstilling some humanity into their workday. After all, it’s a jungle out there. It’s nice to know someone has your best interests in mind.

Wellness experts

Once work resumes, it stands to reason that people will be more conscious of their personal wellness. Food plays a big part in office culture and we would love to help bring some freshness to your culture. TLNW service all sizes of offices throughout the state and can easily adjust to what your office needs.

We understand that not everyone is coming back all at once and we can customize our service to best fit your needs. We will work with you and your organization to tailor a re-entry plan for your fruit. All of our fruit is single-serve to reduce contact with others. We’ll make sure that we have the right amount of fruit and snacks delivered to your business. Not too much and not too few.

Whether it be home delivery, fresh office eats, or even (down the road, we know) catering, ThirdLeaf NW is in position to be your experts when it comes to eating and snacking in the office. Get in touch with us today!