Why You Should Eat Fruits That Are in Season

As it (slowly) becomes warmer, more and more people will crave juicy and delicious fruits! We’re sure you have noticed that when a fruit is “in season” it tastes better, but did you know that in-season fruits are also healthier for you? Let’s break down the benefits of eating fruit in season.

Eating seasonal and local produce is much healthier than out-of-season fruits and vegetables. This is because seasonal fruits ripen by natural, environmental factors such as sunlight, rain, or soil. Another advantage of eating seasonal produce is that it reduces your carbon footprint. When fruits not in season are imported, they must be transported from other countries. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are readily available without having to travel so far.

Eating local produce not only supports small businesses (like ThirdLeaf NW!) but recently harvested fruits and vegetables are more nutritious as well. The longer produce is not eaten after harvest, the higher the chance of nutrient degradation. Fruits and vegetables are 70-90% water, meaning once they are separated from their source of growth and nutrients, their levels of respiration increase, resulting in a loss of moisture and quality. This does not mean a fruit is immediately unhealthy once harvested, but over time, there are less and less nutrients within the produce. So local and seasonally produce will be the most aesthetic and also the healthiest choice!

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