Why ThirdLeaf NW?

Picture this: You arrive at the office Monday morning. Your first stop is the kitchen to stash your lunch in the fridge. There on the counter, you find a collection of bright, multi-colored fruits. Numerous varieties, from bananas to citrus to plumcots, are neatly organized in a basket that reads ThirdLeaf NW on the front. And next to the basket, you find a card highlighting exactly what fruit awaits you this week.

The finished product seems so simple. If anyone can pick up a bag of apples from the grocery store, why work with ThirdLeaf NW?

Behind each fruit delivery, ThirdLeaf NW dedicates countless hours to creating an experience that is about so much more than fruit. From farm to basket, every move we make is about outstanding service to our customers.

At the beginning of the fruit curation process, we select only the highest quality fresh produce with a focus on sustainable, local growers. When it arrives at our warehouse, each variety is tasted to ensure that the flavor we promise is the flavor we deliver.

From there, we carefully comb through each box. Every single piece of fruit that ends up in your office has been inspected and hand selected. After quality checks, the real fun begins!

For ten years, ThirdLeaf NW has been gathering data on the fruits we deliver and stock, as well as the leftovers that we pick up. If you wanted to know exactly how many apples your office consumed this year, we could tell you.

We use our data to curate a perfect variety of fruit for our clients based off of previous likes and dislikes from over 300 offices in Washington State. Detailed profiles on every customer are how we guarantee a unique fruit assortment that you will love every time. We know what your office wants better than anyone in the office does!

Once that week’s fruit bin is arranged and ready, our delivery driver takes over. They drive to your office and enter the building exactly as you instruct. They go to the location in the building that you prefer your fruit to be delivered, then record and remove any leftovers from the previous week. Finally, they stock your fresh fruit in an accessible and aesthetically pleasing way, and for a finishing touch, place a card highlighting that week’s varieties next to the basket.

Take another look at the fruit basket sitting on your counter. Can you feel the time, detail, and compassion that went into each piece of produce inside?

By the time you arrived at the office, we had already spent hours preparing for that very moment.

ThirdLeaf NW is not a fruit drop-off program, but a curated service all about making employee wellness as convenient and enjoyable as possible. No one is more dedicated to your wellbeing and satisfaction that we are!