Why lunch is important to good employees

We’re looking at lunch again! You may remember the last time we discussed taking time for lunch and why it’s so important to your physical wellness. But this time, we’re going to look at why your mind needs lunch.

The facts about lunch

Are you one of the five people in the United States who fears their boss or coworkers will think less of you if you don’t take a lunch break? A recent study shows that not only are regular breaks good for productivity, they make for better employees.

In spite of fear that a mid-shift break will cause coworkers to think poorly of them, 90% of workers say they feel more refreshed after lunch. A bigger factor is that they are motivated to get back to work after taking an extended break.

Is time lost really work lost?

Food is fuel. Much like a car; without fuel, the engine will not run. It may seem contrary, but walking away from work or that stressful project actually makes for a more productive work day. Repetition is a killer and breaking the monotony gives the mind an opportunity to relax and refocus.

Coincidentally, this bears out for their employers as well. Lunch breaks provide that buy-in that management is consistently trying to foster. 81% of employees who take a daily lunch break having a strong desire to be an active member in their company.

In the source for this post, Jennifer Deal, the Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Creative Leadership and Affiliated Research Scientist at the Center for Effective Organizations at University of Southern California took a look at the same study and echoed this sentiment.

“…just as athletes have halftime to rest during a game, employees need to rest so they can do their best work. Taking a break in the middle of the day for lunch is a recovery period, allowing employees to come back refreshed and reinvigorated for the second half – as this research clearly shows.”

People need breaks. It’s as simple as that. We can help your business refuel its employees with a quick snack or some fruit in a free trial at ThirdLeaf NW.