Why are these kiwis so tiny?

Last week, ThirdLeaf NW received its first shipment of kiwi berries. We have since begun delivering them to our customers. When we received them, I opened the box

So what are kiwi berries and when will regular kiwis be here?

Normally, we don’t see the best out of kiwis until the mercury drops in the winter but in the fall we get the much smaller and sweeter kiwi berry.

Contrary to what you might think, kiwi berries are not genetically modified. Native to Far East Asia, kiwi berry vines have only recently begun cultivation in the United States.

Initially, kiwi berries started growing domestically in Oregon and Pennsylvania but have expanded into Washington and Maryland. The organic variety we have in right now came from Onalaska, Wash.

If you’re interested in broadening your culinary horizons, these little nuggets of flavor can sometimes be hard to find. One place you are certain to see them is in your seasonal fruit baskets.

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