Welcome Your Employees Back to the Office the Right Way

A lot of employees have gotten comfortable working from home and may not be too keen on coming back to the office (yet). But when you make the office a fun place to be, employees will be eager to come back!

Here are five ideas to make your return-to-work epic:

Throw a back-to-work bash – Before anyone so much as mutters the word “work,” get your staff back together outside the office. Many people haven’t seen their coworkers face-to-face in over a year, so give them a chance to reconnect first. Welcome everyone back with a party and focus the event on how fun being in the office will be.

Roll out the red carpet (no, seriously) – Make the entranceway to the office FUN! For the first few days back, roll out a literal red carpet, build a balloon arch, or put streamers over doorways (or why not all three?). Don’t forget a “Welcome Back” sign! If employees weren’t already excited to be back, a fun and welcoming entrance will put a smile on their face and get them excited to go inside.

Fill their stomachs – Ever heard the way to a someone’s heart is through their stomach? Nothing draws a crowd like free food. Cater meals and provide free snacks to keep employees full and happy! Fresh fruit is an especially great snack to help employees cool down and stay healthy this summer. You can even surprise them with a Welcome Back Box!

Offer in-office exclusive benefits – Extra benefits are a great incentive to draw people back to work. A few ideas include in-person fitness classes, raffles, free afternoon coffees, and short mid-day social activities. You can also offer surprise rewards like gift cards for good work and positive attitudes.

Cater to employees’ pets – Let’s be honest, a handful of pet owners don’t want to go back to work solely because they don’t want to leave their four-legged child. If you’re feeling bold, have a bring your pet to work day (although maybe do cats and dogs on different days…). If that’s not possible for your company, offer vouchers to a nearby doggie day-care to employees who are worried about leaving their pets. And be gracious to new pet owners who may need to check on pups and kittens throughout the day.

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