ThirdLeaf NW events “popping up” all over Seattle

“Hey, good morning. Would you like a free apple…how about a banana?”

If you’ve engaged with of one of our pop-up events, you have undoubtedly been asked that question by either myself or Steph handing out fruit to a previously unsuspecting populace.

Throughout the summer, ThirdLeaf NW has had and will continue to have pop-ups on most Thursdays. They’re very simple. Our two-person street team pulls up on a street corner somewhere in Seattle and we start handing out fruit to anyone who wants it.

While our delivery drivers cover area from Mukilteo to Tacoma, pop-ups have a little bit shorter of a leash.

Last week, we stepped outside of our regular footprint and ended up on the east side in front of the Expedia building.

At first, people didn’t seem sure about what was going on but as time passed, we saw people anticipating getting their fruit as they came to us.

We even handed a banana to a cyclist as he rode by us. Credit Steph, she’s got relay skills.

What many people don’t know is that we are in one of six ThirdLeaf vans working their way around Seattle. Five of them are making deliveries to businesses, ours is more focused on that interpersonal communication.

Why do we do it? Well, we get asked that more than anything else. Simply put, we’re doing our best to make sure everyone in Seattle has the opportunity to start their day off with a healthy snack. Still, being able to spread the word about our burgeoning business is a nice ancillary benefit.

Whether you see us on road or handing out apples on the corner, give us a wave! You can also take a picture with  #gimmesomeapples for an opportunity to win a free week of deliveries to your office.

If you don’t want to wait for today to be your lucky day to get our services, click here to schedule a free tasting today!