Thanksgiving Recovery + Holiday Prepping

The excitement of the weekend is dying down, but it feels like the mayhem is only just ahead of us! The holidays are an eventful and lively time of year filled with fun, but it can also feel like you are going non-stop. As you finish celebrating Thanksgiving with loved ones, here are a few ways you can prepare for the season to come.

The Initial Cleanup

If you hosted Thanksgiving this year, kudos to you! Everyone appreciates your hospitality (and patience) required for such a job! As your family and friends head back home, send as many leftovers with them as possible. With whatever is left in your fridge, make sure you enjoy a Thanksgiving sandwich to give you energy to clean. Maybe pull out a glass of wine too, you deserve it!

Holiday Shopping

Of course, Thanksgiving weekend kickstarts the crazy deals for holiday presents. It may feel like you are already behind, but we assure you, there is still time! Sit down, make a list of what you know you want to purchase. Once those are secured, find websites with the best deals and see where you can fill in the blanks for any friends or family members who have you stumped. Even if you don’t find presents for everyone between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, great deals will be happening all month long in anticipation of the holidays!

Prepping for The Next One

No matter what holiday you celebrate, it’s going to sneak up on all of us. Having a game plan never hurts, especially if it means alleviating stress closer to the holiday. Just ensuring the basics is most essential, such as who will be hosting, how will everyone travel, which recipes you want to prepare, and confirming all presents are in order. It seems like a lot, but take the time to make a list – or even pull out your calendar – to plan out when each task needs to be accomplished. With approximately one month, there is still plenty of time as long as you have a game plan!