Take the time for lunch

Do you stop for lunch? Do you really?

In an article published for the Seattle-Times by nutritionist Carrie Dennett, she claims that workers who take lunch breaks are: ”Happier, healthier — and more productive.”

As a nutritionist, her clients offer countless reasons why they are frequently unable to take their full break or simply eat at their desk. Dennett says these habits are enforced early on in our lives. The article states that Seattle-area elementary-aged children spend an average of 13 minutes for their lunchtime.

A side effect of skipping and skimping on meals in the middle of the day or even breakfast is that ignoring your body’s hunger signals will cause your body to stop sending the signal. As Dennett said, “Why should your body keep telling you it’s hungry if you never listen?”

Dennett says that our wellness would be better served spending that time having a meal in the middle of the day followed by feeding one of your other appetites with some meditation or light exercise.

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