Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

The top New Year’s resolutions for 2024 are to save money, eat healthier, and exercise more. However, these can all look different depending on who you are, especially when it comes to a healthier lifestyle. Here are some simple and practical ways to accomplish these goals simultaneously (and if none of these are on your resolutions list, we want to be you!).

Eating healthier does not mean a strict “fruit + protein, no carbs + sugar” diet. Even the tiniest changes in your diet can impact your overall health and lifestyle goals. In fact, taking it slow rather than an abrupt change to your entire diet is much better for your health. One of the best ways to start is by minimizing your intake of highly processed foods. You know the ones, all the chips, candies, and other processed sugars that are oh-so easy to overconsume. We’re not so worried about the influx of carbs rather than the lack of vitamins and nutrients your body needs! One way you can avoid those snack binge sessions is by meal prepping. This way, you can plan out your meals and ensure you have healthy options to grab.

Do you know what meal prepping also helps with? Saving money. Healthy foods may notoriously seem “more expensive” than the highly refined sugars and carbs of the world, but this is not always the case. Meal prepping allows you to make the most of the food you purchase. Likewise, when you have a delicious meal readily available, you are less likely to buy that impromptu fast food dinner.

How does this tie back to exercise you may be wondering? When you exert your body, it craves food to replenish the energy it just used. Grabbing that bag of chips isn’t going to do you any good after a workout. Proteins and whole grains are essential post-workout to increase muscle growth, maintain glycogen levels, and support recovery. Yep, carbs are just as important here to support your body! Making some of these simple changes is an easy and effective way to receive the results you want without breaking the bank or overexerting yourself.