Picking Out the Most Fresh Fruits

How do you know when a fruit is ripe? Whether it be a resolution or a lifestyle change to eat healthier, an easy way to achieve that is to add more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet!

Fresh fruit can add color and flavor to any meal if it is the perfect ripeness. How can you tell if a fruit is the perfect ripeness, though? They aren’t all as easy or subjective as a banana.

Using apples as a prime example, much of this information applies to other fresh fruits like plums, peaches, and even oranges. Just don’t squeeze a nectarine the same way you would an apple!

First, check out the color. Apples that are brightly colored have received the most sunlight, meaning they are more ready to eat. This is especially true in red varieties. If you think you have a winner, check it for firmness. Apples should be firm yet still have an elasticity, but this does not mean having wrinkles when you squeeze.

Remember that most produce is ready for consumption when you select it. It may be difficult to determine out a good apple from a bad one, but it’s very easy to find a bad one within a group of good ones. One easy trick is that bad apples don’t smell good. This said, one can infer that fresh, flavorful apples smell good! Some varieties, such as Gala apples, may have a stronger aroma than other types, but they all smell good.

At ThirdLeaf NW, we are often entranced by the wonderful aromas carried by our fresh fruit, and we love serving our community with fresh fruit and other healthy snacks straight to your office! If you would like to see our service in action, we would love to provide your office with a free trial!