Oranges: More than just Vitamin C

Winter time brings on citrus season and this week, we are excited to be bringing in some California oranges!

Oranges have a reputation. Growing up, people are told that eating an orange will help you not get sick. To me, that meant having to go to school so naturally…I didn’t eat as many oranges as I probably should have.

Not all reputations are bad. Certainly an app–orange a day will keep the doctor away but oranges, like other citrus, have countless other eye-opening benefits.

Many know already that oranges and other citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C which benefits the immune system and reduces risk of colon cancer. However, oranges have many more health benefits than just keeping you out of the doctor’s office.

Oranges are laden with Vitamin A which helps benefit your eyesight. While your sight won’t improve by eating an orange, the fruit itself will help prevent macular degeneration. Normally carrots get all the press for being heavy with A, but the frequently-forgotten orange is helpful as well.

It’s no surprise that oranges are high in fiber as well, but what does that really do for you? Well, it aids in keeping your digestion regular and helps regulate blood sugar.

Even though an orange is primarily sugar (It’s fruit.), people with diabetes can still enjoy them due to their low number in the glycemic index.

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