Why you should get fruit delivered to your office

A major trend in recent years is Seattle offices getting fresh fruit delivered along with other snacks for their employees. The days of the vending machine and the processed snacks within seem to be turning into a memory as offices try to focus more on their employees than their absolute bottom line.

Why choose fruit anyway?

Forward-thinking companies are always looking for new ways to show their employees that they have a vested interest in their well-being.

Many Seattle offices have food delivered and roughly ⅓ of people polled stated that they use third-party delivery services at least. The challenge for many office administrators is that while they want to be able to provide the delivery service, there are only so many hours in a day.

Adding ‘fruit picking’ and ‘kitchen arrangement’ to an already busy day can lead to repetition and possibly not getting the best produce.

ThirdLeaf NW takes much of that guesswork away. We select locally-sourced, seasonally-relevant produce to go out to businesses. We hand-select and taste test all of the fresh fruit that comes in to make sure flavor and freshness are top priority.

Our fresh fruit experts look at every fresh piece before it leaves our distribution center

Healthy people are happy people

The numbers are apparent. According to an article from Business Recognition and overwhelming 87% of employees would prefer to work somewhere that takes an interest in their well-being.

An equally-astonishing 80% of people in Seattle stated that having fresh fruit in the office improved their overall quality of life and job enjoyment. Having it in the office also creates habits in employees which get carried out of the workplace.

Simply put, with a healthy options readily available, people eat more fruit. The satiating of a sweet tooth and a rewarding crunch is often enough to detract from processed, less-healthy snacks.

Office delivery done easy

We don’t mean to invoke Ron Popeil but one of the best features of having food delivered to your office is that; to a certain extent, you can set it and forget it!

You couldn’t get to the store before the workday started? No problem. You aren’t sure what produce is in season? Our Seattle delivery services have that covered. No time to set it up in a nice display? That’s what our delivery people are here for.