ThirdLeaf NW provides office catering all over Seattle

ThirdLeaf NW frequently looks for new products and services to bring to our clients. We feel that’s something that sets us apart. Among the myriad things we do for our customers and clients is office catering! All around the Seattle area, companies are proud of their wellness initiatives and healthy choices and we love being part of that movement.

We have the capability to receive an order and deliver fresh, healthy snacks to your office as a one-off for meetings or business lunches. Our clients benefit from getting a nutritious snack at an affordable price. Rather than running to the vending machine to grab something quick, we can bring snacks to the meetings so employees can focus on the topic and not the crinkling of a candy bar wrapper. In addition to those big, all-hands meetings, we can also provide catering services for regular meetings around the office.

With Autumn approaching, we have our eyes on the weather. We also keep our eyes on the snacks and food we send out. We like to keep the flavors of the season in our catering and wellness boxes. For example, we recently received and are sending out Pumpkin Spice Rickaroons. Rickaroons are great because not only are they a coconut-based energy bar, they’re compatible with most food-restrictive diets. These are organic, gluten free, vegan, and paleo-friendly to boot.

These Rickaroons are super

We can all admit that pumpkin spice takes over when the mercury drops. It makes it easier to accept just how tasty our Sinfit protein cookies are. These, like the Rickaroons are also pumpkin spice flavored and are great to satisfy that need for a baked good.

The reason we bring this up is when the weather changes, so do our flavors. Pumpkin spice and caramel apple don’t translate as well into the winter as they do in Fall and we change it up, accordingly. Be on the lookout for what’s coming from the Robert’s Ferry Nut Co. in wellness boxes and catering. If you haven’t gotten our service yet, what are you waiting for? We’d love to come out to your office and give you a free trial!

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