Let’s get growing! How to prep your garden and what to plant in March

The calendar has flipped to a new month, and warm weather is on the way – it’s prime time for garden prep!

Read on for a quick rundown on what to plant right now and a couple maintenance tips for the month!

Outdoor gardening prep + tips:

This month, those with outdoor gardens should be focusing on keeping pests out and fertilizing.

Slugs are more active in the rainy, early spring season, and they’ll wreck sprouting crops. Set out slug bait, as well as spray for other pests and diseases to protect your plants from the start.

Fertilizing in the early spring is important for two areas: 1) the ground you’re preparing for planting, and 2) plants waking up after winter (i.e. landscape trees, shrubs, flowering bushes, berry bushes). Fertilizing early will help new and established plants thrive all season long.


Indoor/apartment gardening prep + tips:

If you don’t have space for an outdoor plot, you don’t have to miss out! Many fruits and vegetables grow successfully inside.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about digging up a plot of land like you would for an outdoor garden. Just be sure you have enough pots for everything you want to grow.

The main thing to keep in mind is that growing abilities will vary based on the amount of sunlight available. Be sure to do some research on various plants’ sunlight needs to figure out what plants are compatible with your space.

Additionally, consider getting soil made specifically for indoor plants. It’ll help ensure proper hydration/draining and nutrients.


What to plant this month:

In the ground:
Legumes (peas)
Leafy greens (lettuce, spinach, kale)

Sow indoors (may move outdoors later):
Salad greens*
Brussel sprouts

*Great for indoor growing!