It’s just an orange, right? Wrong.

At ThirdLeaf NW we see a wide variety of fruits coming into our building and during the winter time we see a bunch of pears and citrus. Sometimes it can feel like the mountain of varieties is just too high to climb but hopefully we can shine some light on the differences in some of our favorite Winter fruits.

People often say you can’t compare apples and oranges. That doesn’t make sense. Why can’t fruit be compared?

Apples having multiple cultivars and flavors is not a new concept but interestingly enough, oranges have several different types, varieties and flavors just like apples but oranges are divided into three major categories despite the167 different hybrids and varieties of mandarins listed by the  Citrus Variety Collection of the University of California.

The S&J Mandarin Grove did a great job of breaking down the differences between the three major varieties.

Oranges are second in size to the grapefruit. This citrus fruit has a thick skin, is round in shape, and has a tart flavor.

Mandarins are a type of orange and the overarching category that Tangerines, Clementines, and Satsumas fall into. They are generally smaller and sweeter than oranges, a little flatter in shape, and they and have a thinner, looser skin that makes them easier to peel.

Tangerines are a specific type of mandarin orange. They are a bright orange color, slightly tougher skins, and their flavor is a little less sweet and a bit more tart.

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