How you and your dog can live a healthier life together

Great news! You’re already leading a healthier and happier life simply by owning a dog! There are numerous scientifically proven health benefits of being a dog owner.

Dogs can help relieve stress. Studies show that spending time with a dog lowers blood pressure and heart rate, offering physical and mental health benefits. You can practically feel your stress melt away with one look at that wagging tail and smiling face.

Another great perk of pooches is that they make humans happier. Most dog owners would swear by this even if it wasn’t a proven fact, but one scientific study found that interactions between dogs and their owners often increase oxytocin levels– aka the “love hormone”– in humans.

How else can dogs positively impact our health? Exercise of course!

Getting up and active with a dog is great for both of you. In fact, dogs are great workout partners because they will keep you accountable. Our furry friends are creatures of habit, and once they get used to a daily activity, they will eagerly remind you every day.

Some of the easiest ways to exercise with your four-legged companion are walking, hiking, running, and biking. Most dogs– even the little guys– have more stamina and energy than we may realize and can keep up with you for long distances

You and your dog can get healthier together in the kitchen too! While experts debate whether fruits and veggies are really necessary in a dog’s diet, they do make great treats. Next time you’re slicing up fruits or veggies for yourself, Fido can get in on the healthy action too.

However, not all human food is safe for dogs (even fruits and veggies)! We may not be dog experts, but the folks at the American Kennel Club are. Check out their list of dog-safe fruits and veggies to learn the best and worst produce to share with your pup.

For all of you Washington apple lovers out there– your dog can eat apples too! Apples are a great vitamin and fiber boost for your pup. Just be sure to remove the core and seeds before sharing your snack.

You can also hone your culinary skills with homemade dog treats. Try your hand at baked dog biscuits full of goodies like peanut butter, bacon, berries, and more. Check out this fun fall treat recipe with peanut butter and pumpkin!

You and your dog deserve the happiest and healthiest of days together. May your walks be long, food be delicious, and naps be cuddly!