How to Reuse Food Scraps

There is nothing more satisfying than buying fresh produce and actually eating it before it goes bad (we all know the disappointment of having to throw out rotten apples or fuzzy grapes). However, have you ever thought about what happens to the leftover orange peels or the apple skins that don’t actually get eaten?

Approximately 40% of all food grown and transported within the U.S. will not be eaten. Though not everyone is a gardener with their own compost bins, there are many other ways to reuse your food scraps.

For those of us who are slightly less crafty, try to plan out what you are going to buy at the grocery store before you get there. This will help you be realistic and even save money. Another tip is to freeze food you know you will not eat in time. Save extra fruit for a smoothie or even freeze chicken so that it will stay safe past its expiration date.

There are even ways to reduce your food waste as you are cooking or meal prepping for the week:

Just peeled potatoes? Save the peels and cook them into healthier potato chips!

Have some leftover orange or lemon peels? Throw them into a hot bath for a pleasant aroma and spa treatment from the natural essential oils.

Fresh herbs about to go bad? Mince and freeze them to stay good past the expiration date.

There are organizations such as Perfectly Imperfect that will deliver slightly flawed produce right to your door to reduce food waste. Take these tips with you the next time you do your weekly grocery shopping or cook a meal!