Healthy Food Delivered to Your Door

We love serving our clients and bringing healthy fruits and snacks to your office spaces, but did you know there are businesses that can bring you food straight to your door? Everything from produce to meal prepped meals to dinner ingredients can be delivered to your doorstep using these unique food services outlined below.

If appearances don’t bother you, Imperfect Foods might be your new go-to. The company’s mission is to fight food waste by delivering the imperfect-looking foods that grocery stores may not want to individuals who will put them to good use! Along with produce, Imperfect Foods delivers healthy snacks, meat, fish, and more products. It’s convenient, sustainable, and affordable, what’s not to love?!

If you’re looking for a more structured food delivery service, Hungryroot is another grocery delivery service that lets you customize your meals so they bring you the right ingredients. Shop from their own recipes or build your own, then the ingredients will appear on your doorstep! No meal planning or last-minute grocery store trips because they do the hard part for you. This is a great service if you’re looking to switch up your diet but don’t know where to start.

One of Hungryroot’s biggest competitors, especially with marketing and advertising, is HelloFresh, which delivers meal kits with instructions and ingredients. You can customize how often you receive deliveries and what types of meals you want, but you are surprised with what comes in the box! The best part is that if you love it, you get to keep the recipe, so you can continue to make it whenever you want (you just have to buy your own ingredients after the first time)!

ThirdLeaf NW is your go-to for healthy office snacks, but if you don’t want the fun to end there, check out these organizations for healthy food deliveries to your home!