Gardening Hacks for the Summer Season

Summer is the perfect time to take extra care of your garden. Whether you grow fruits, vegetables, flowers, or herbs, every gardener knows the value of a green thumb. In celebration of the lush green leaves and blossoming flowers of the summer season, here are some tips and tricks for the perfect summer garden.

Friends support each other, so do your plants

Did you know growing certain plants next to each other can benefit one another? A great example of this is strawberry plants. Strawberries are more rich and flavorful when grown with herbs such as thyme, sage, dill, coriander, or others. Growing squash plants? Try planting marigolds near your squash to avoid bugs from eating the crop.

Drink more wine to help sow your seeds

Yes, you read that right. Instead of tediously digging your own holes into the garden bed, stick wink corks and the end of the prongs of your rake. Depending on how deep you want the holes, dig the rake into the bed for a perfect row of holes ready for seeds.

Don’t buy seed tape, just DIY

Seed tape is a convenient tool to neatly plant lots of smaller seeds, but it can often be expensive. Instead of buying it, roll out some toilet paper and mist it with water. Place the seeds in a line along the paper, then fold it over and mist it again. Keep rolling and misting until you have a damp tube of seeds to place in the garden bed.

Perfectly spaced vegetables

For our perfectionists, this hack is for you. To perfectly space out your seeds (like for vegetables), use a muffin tin to imprint the garden bed with planting holes. Drop in your seeds, recover the holes with soil, water them, and you’re good to go!

Gardening is a great excuse to get outside but also take time for self-care. Try out these hacks the next time you get out from behind your desk to take a work break, especially if you are still WFH!