Fruit: The “new,” “trendy” diet

Even the most zealous dieter can struggle with the sudden-striking sweet craving.

According to an article by Cynthia Sass on, recent studies suggest that a properly-measured fruit intake can actually benefit weight loss and in some cases, reduce cardiovascular disease.

Sass largely references a recent study –Paradoxical Effects of Fruit on Obesity– in her article. In my mind, labeling the outcome as “paradoxical” is counter intuitive.

Fruit, for all intents and purposes is sugar so it’s not outlandish for researchers to be surprised by their findings. However, isn’t it odd that they were surprised by the conventional wisdom that fruits and veggies are good for you?

Sugars, like fats, are necessary to a healthy body and mind. Another benefit to eating fresh fruit as a diet-approved snack is fruit fills you up. The biggest issue with empty calories is that they’re just that, empty!

Unlike candy bars and their ilk, fruit does more than sate an active sweet tooth. Fruit and vegetables provide nutrition and energy to fuel your body, not just shock your system with a sugar rush.

As Sass writes, you’re much more likely to choose an apple rather than a piece of broccoli in place of a cookie; and that swap can help you limit total calories and avoid added sugar, the real culprit when it comes to weight gain.”

Personally, I’ve eaten more fruit in the last four months than I have in some calendar years and I have seen not only a steady decline in weight (down six pounds!) but I feel better and I think more clearly.

Coincidentally, by the time the work week rolls around I actually feel a little bit of a fruit withdrawal if I don’t get any during the weekend!

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