How do we get fresh fruit year round?

Why do we select citrus and pears in the winter but not peaches and cherries? Why is the inverse also true? That’s because ThirdLeaf NW flavor tests all the fresh fruit going out for delivery. Our constantly rotating offerings make it so only the freshest and most seasonal fruits make it out to our clients.

Forgive us if this is a refresher for you but the winter time brings on flu season. When you need buffer your immune system, few fruits are better than an orange. Coincidentally, people start peeling oranges around Christmas. That’s why oranges keep showing up in your stocking!

All this to say, when it’s cold outside, it’s time to get some oranges and help your body ward off any maladies which may be hiding just around the corner.

Once we have suitable fruit, we monitor what we have by continuing to taste test throughout the time fruit is here. Often times, we will receive samples from our suppliers to see if any options are better than what we have now.

We constantly watch the harvest calendar. Clients who receive our service will remember the short time we had golden kiwis. We were able to get some that were flavorful and in season. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get them for very long. In the meantime, we replaced the golden kiwis with another fan favorite: kiwi berries. Those berries will stay until something supplants them.

Just like you we get excited when the seasons change because for us, the fruit changes with it. Keep watching because Rainier cherries are growing right now and will be here when the frost thaws.

Don’t wait until then to get our service! We can set you up with a free trial and you can see what fresh fruit is in season right now!