Four Employee Wellness Trends to Bring to Your Company in 2022

Employee wellness has become a major focus for companies over the past couple years. It will only continue to grow in 2022, but with a new year comes an emphasis on new aspects of wellness.

Here are four of the biggest wellness trends of the year and how you can incorporate them into your workplace:

Work-life Balance
Work-life balance has been at the forefront of employees’ minds for a long time. People will go to great lengths to escape a job they feel is not balanced (hello, The Great Resignation). It’s time more employers made conscious efforts to improve work-life balance for their staff.

This can be accomplished through more flexible hours and letting employees choose when/whether they come into the office. Not only that, but supervisors and coworkers must respect time off. Read more about supporting work-life balance here.


Financial Wellness
Finances play a vital role in mental health and overall wellbeing, which in turn affects employee engagement and productivity. As many people face financial struggle due to the pandemic, employers are realizing that their role should be bigger than just writing paychecks.

Support your staff’s financial wellness by providing personal finance seminars and a strong retirement savings program. If you have the resources, match contributions to retirement accounts. Additionally, bringing in professionals to offer tips and guidance around tax time will help ease anxiety around the subject.


Mental Health Support
Mental health support in the workplace has grown exponentially over the last year, and the upward trend is predicted to continue. Experts believe mental health programs will only expand, specifically in the areas of telehealth and stress management.

If you don’t already provide a free counseling service, add it to your program. Counseling, whether onsite, online, or elsewhere, is one of the most effective ways to support employees’ mental wellbeing. Help manage stress by offering a flexible schedule, providing social opportunities, and encouraging employees to take regular breaks.


Closely related to the push for mental health is a growing push for mindful practices. Mindfulness has been linked to decreased stress, increased focus, and better mental and physical health overall.

There’s no shortage of ways to bring mindfulness into the workplace. Some of the easiest include scheduling regular breaks into the day, setting aside a quiet space in the office, and hosting midday yoga classes and meditation workshops. Keep in mind, the best way to create a culture of mindfulness in your office is to lead by example, so begin by embracing it yourself.