Foods you need to skip to improve your wellness

Often times we have suggestions about what you should eat and how to best accentuate your overall wellness. Today, we’re changing focus a little and talking about the foods that you should definitely avoid to stay on that path to your goals.

In an article from Healthline, we can take a look at 11 foods which could cause you to stumble in the battle of the bulge.

Fruit juice finds itself on the list and at first, I was a little surprised but it makes sense. Eating whole fruit adds fiber to your diet and complex sugars. Juice on the other hand does not have fiber in it (with the possible exception of pulpy orange juice) and many juices add sugar to accentuate the flavor. Simply put, refined sugar is the culprit here.

Instead, have a glass of water if you’re thirsty and eat an apple if you still need a snack.

The list runs down the usual culprits; fried food, white bread, candy bars et al, but one entry makes a surprise splash.

The jury seems to be out as to whether or not coffee is or isn’t good for you. One thing is for certain. Adding sugar or sugary creamers could be a hidden culprit dragging you down when trying to lighten up.

A serving size (1 tbsp) contains 30 calories and 4g of sugar. That may not sound like a lot, but many office workers don’t stop with one cup of coffee and many use more than a recommended serving size.

Rather than dose your coffee with sugar or heavily-sugared creamer, consider using half-and-half or your choice of cream and enjoy that brown bean without the sugar!

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