Five Steps to a Happier and Healthier Workforce

Research indicates that the average person spends about one-third of their entire life at work. It seems only natural that employee wellbeing would be woven into the workplace, right?

Cue: National Employee Wellness Month.

A month all about employee wellness is what we live for here at ThirdLeaf NW. We’re excited to share a few tips on why it’s so important and how you can support it in your office.

A healthy workforce can simultaneously save money and increase cash flow within the company. Employee wellness programs often result in increased productivity and engagement. Not to mention, healthier employees typically require lower healthcare costs.

In a world where physical and mental health are more important than ever, people seek out companies that support their wellbeing. The strength of your company’s wellness benefits may be the difference between a potential hire choosing you or going elsewhere.

In addition, wellness programs often help decrease stress and anxiety in the workplace. Less stress equals fewer sick days, fewer errors, and stronger company culture.

Need a few ideas on how to prioritize employee wellness this month? We’ve got you covered:


  1. Wellness Challenge – A little friendly competition can be a huge motivator in creating healthy habits. Focus on making your challenge fun and be sure to offer a good incentive. A few possible themes include counting steps/miles-walked, tracking the number of workouts completed, or logging how much water is consumed in a day.


  1. Cooking Class – A common excuse for not eating healthy is that cooking is too difficult or time consuming. Flip the script by host a cooking class featuring a simple yet nutritious recipe. Employees will discover that healthy cooking can be easy and fun!


  1. Catered Meals – Spare your staff from surviving on takeout and vending machine chips alone. Make healthy eating as convenient as possible for them by stocking fresh snacks in the office and providing lunches.


  1. Midday Meditation – Mindfulness and meditation have been linked to countless mental health benefits. Implement an office-wide mindful moment for 10-20 minutes each day where computers go off, meetings end, and everyone pauses. Give employees access to mindfulness tools such as meditation apps to use during that time. Read more about the benefits of mindfulness here!


  1. Outdoor Breaks – Allow space in the workday for people to step outside and get some fresh air. Research shows that being outside helps boost energy and mood, as well as reduce stress.