Five easy ways to reconnect and engage with your team

I think we can all agree that the shiny newness of working from home has worn off. Many companies have settled into remote work for the foreseeable future.

But, how will indefinite WFH impact employee engagement and motivation?

Employee engagement encompasses a variety of elements like employee well-being, colleague relationships, motivation, trust, and commitment to their organization. Strong relationships between an organization and its employees are key to employee satisfaction and long-term success.

High employee engagement has been linked to increased sales and performance, as well as higher customer satisfaction. Strong engagement also helps businesses retain key talent, as employees are less likely to seek other opportunities.

Earlier this year, a Gallup study revealed that employee engagement rates were at a record high. Even after months of remote work, employees were more engaged than ever.

So how do we continue building employee engagement? There are plenty of great opportunities to foster employee engagement while working from home!

Here are some of our best tips:

Communication – Clear and honest communication is key to an engaged and connected workforce, regardless of whether you’re in-person or remote. Clear expectations will help avoid confusion and frustration in the long run, and employees will be more motivated when they know exactly what is expected of them.

Check-ins – A regular communications rhythm is vital to the health of your team and the individuals who are a part of it. Weekly check-ins are great for getting everyone on the same page and asking questions, as well as building unity amongst team members.

Employees should feel connected to their work and the people they share it with. Don’t be “strictly business.” Check in on a personal level too. Ask your colleagues how they’re really doing and share personal and family stories. You will create a stronger team bond that will reflect in employee happiness and performance.

Use photos – Make interactions as in-person as possible by ensuring check-ins, meetings, and social gatherings are more than just voice calls. Seeing team members’ faces will help everyone feel more connected, even from afar. Using video is ideal when possible, but when it’s not, have everyone display a photo of themselves when their camera is off. People need to see a face in order to build strong connections!

Make meetings fun – It’s 2020. Meetings should be fun by now! Try themed meetings where everyone dresses up and uses a fun virtual background. Halloween is just around the corner, and a spooky-themed meeting would be a hit!

Another element that always makes meetings fun? Food! Gone are the days of the catered lunch meeting… or so you thought! You can send your employees customized wellness boxes at home, and everyone can snack together during virtual meetings. Visit our catering page to learn more!

Social events –Without the office water cooler or casual coffee breaks, it can be hard for employees to socialize. Luckily, there are tons of easy and creative ways to get together via online platforms (and they’re actually fun)!

  1. Play virtual games like bingo, Pictionary (using a virtual whiteboard), or trivia.
  2. Host a book club.
  3. Create a fantasy sports league and host virtual drafts and tailgates.
  4. Meet everyone’s four-legged coworkers with a pet meet-and-greet.