Fall Activities We Can’t Wait For!

Anyone else get super excited for the first day of fall? September 23 is the first day of the fall season, which is full of perfect weather, lively holidays, great food, and spooky vibes! With kids back to school and the holidays just around the corner, make sure you are taking advantage of the weather and autumn season before the bitter cold sets in. Here are a few autumnal activities to get you started:

Apple Picking

As we know, certain apple varieties are in season year-round, but apple prime time is in the fall! Take a friend, loved one, or your whole family to an orchard to harvest your own apples! Apples are the perfect snack on their own, but they are also a fabulous addition to salads and desserts. As orchards start to open up for pick-your-own, make sure you’re one of the first to get your fresh apples! You could even bring your camera and capture some of these core memories.

Haunted House

You may associate haunted houses with trick-or-treating or friendly neighborhood get-togethers, but if haunted houses are your thing, we have news for you. There are professional haunted houses, mainly for adults, all around the Seattle area. If spooky season is your favorite time of year, we encourage you to try out one of these haunted houses! We hear they’re to die for!

Pumpkin Carving

Carving pumpkins is one of the best fall activities for any age. Going to pick the pumpkins from the field, bringing them home, painting and carving them, then roasting the seeds is an activity almost everyone can remember from their childhood. It’s a great, creative outlet for kids and still tons of fun for adults. Make a game out of it to see who can carve the most elaborate pumpkin! When you’re done, there are so many unique ways you can roast your seeds.

We’re getting excited for fall just writing this! Don’t forget that just because summer is over doesn’t mean you are losing all your favorite fruits. ThirdLeaf NW is so excited to introduce you to some of our favorite fall fruits that are just coming into season!

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