Everything to Know About This Week’s Apple Varieties

Did you know ThirdLeaf NW was formerly named Apple-A-Day? From the very start, apples have been at the core of our fruit deliveries. That’s why we love delivering new varieties to your office spaces each week! Now let’s dig deep into the three coming to your local break room this week!

Fuji Apples

Fuji apples may seem like one of the more common varieties, but they are actually fairly new. Fuji apples were created in Japan in the 1930s when the Red Delicious and Virginia Ralls Janet crossed into this hybrid. They are one of the sweetest apple varieties and are a great addition to jams or jellies!

Koru Apples

Koru apples are hybrids of Braeburn and Fuji varieties – as you can see, they just keep crossing varieties! They are initially acidic but, like the Fuji, contain high levels of natural sugars that provide that sweet aftertaste. One of the benefits of this fruit is that it can be grown in both hemispheres, so it is available year-round!

Pink Lady Apples

Once again highlighting this week’s fruit spotlight, the Pink Lady apple is most notable for its plump, pink coloring and round shape. Even younger than Fuji apples, Pink Lady apples were created in Australia in the 1970s. After that first, crisp bite, you’ll notice the white interior flesh that seems to always be the perfect ripeness!

Make sure you get a taste of each of these incredible apple varieties in this week’s office deliveries!