Celebrate Earth Day the Local Way

For over 50 years, April 22 has been a day dedicated to celebrating the earth and building support for environmental protection. While Earth Day began in the US, the event is now recognized in over 190 countries!

Here at ThirdLeaf NW, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality, naturally grown fruit in the Northwest. We work with dozens of local growers to ensure the produce we deliver is fresh and sustainable.

Eating local supports farmers and helps the earth. Purchasing locally grown food preserves farmland and cuts back on fossil fuels consumed in the transportation of food. Not to mention, produce may last longer because it goes from farm to table faster.

Another way our eating habits can benefit the earth is in the reduction of our food waste.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, 30-40 percent of the country’s food supply is wasted. How can we reduce our food waste at home?

We can all be more aware of how much food we’re buying to ensure we’re not wastefully letting it spoil in our fridge. Be sure you’re storing food correctly to keep it fresh as long as possible. Click here for a few quick tips on keeping fruit fresh as long as possible.

Organic waste, such as food scraps, can be composted, used to feed animals (considering it is still safe for them to consume), or repurposed in some way. One of the most versatile food “scraps” that is often throw away is orange peel, but there are countless eco-friendly ways to reuse it.

Click for instructions to make a homemade orange peel cleaner that disinfects, fights mold, removes calcium build-up, and smells wonderful! Once you’re done cleaning, enjoy a cup of orange tea and pamper yourself with a natural DIY orange scrub.

However you choose to celebrate Earth Day, remember that our beautiful world deserves celebrating every day! We hope you find some eco-friendly habits to incorporate year-round.