Beating the Winter Blues

We have officially entered the dark days of winter. The post-holiday and New Year excitement has worn off, and some days are harder than others to accomplish the basic tasks. It can be easy to let this time of year make you feel down or unproductive, but there are many ways to stay on track to avoid the winter blues.

First things first, stick to your routine! Whether you implemented a New Year’s resolution into your day or you are not feeling motivated to do your regular activities, you have to power through! Wake up, make your bed, wear something you feel confident in, and go about your day like you know it’s about to be the best day ever. Who knows? It just might be!

If you are looking for ways to spice up your routine or get you jumping out of bed in the morning, exercise is key to boost your serotonin. A good workout increases the dopamine levels in your brain, resulting in feelings of excitement and contentment. If you are tired of your usual workout regime, switch it up by trying a new workout class or simply going on more walks (indoors or outdoors).

Another crucial method for beating the winter blues is regulating your sleep schedule. The lack of sun can make mornings difficult, and we know you have been binging that new show this year, but getting enough sleep has major effects on your mood. If you are having trouble waking up in the morning, perhaps using a sunrise alarm clock is the answer for you. Conversely, if you find yourself going to sleep later and later, set a screen time alert on your device so you know when to stop. Try reading a book or writing to help turn your brain off at the end of the day. Though these all seem miniscule, each of these tips has an effect on your day, so start small for a bigger impact in the end!